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The Farm Shop 

The Farm Shop is located at:  1177 Church Road ~ Angola, NY 14006.  

This is our home address.  There is a separate driveway entrance and parking area for the farm shop.  The Farm Shop is located in the blue barn.  

Hours:  Tuesdays 12-6 

             Fridays 8-3 

             Saturdays 8-3 

We stock freezer cuts of beef, pork and roasting chickens, fresh brown eggs, maple products, in-season produce, cut flowers, coffee, tea, Salvatore's pizza dough and sauce, Lodgical soup mixes and rubs, Simple Times goat milk soap, Greek Goddess salad dressing and more!  Our cold frame is also Open seasonally with perennials, mums, holiday wreaths and centerpieces.  


 We accept cash, check and credit/debit cards at the Farm Shop.  

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2024 Meat Pricing (per pound) *subject to change without notice


Filet Mignon $22.00

Strip Steak $18.00

Delmonico steak $18.00

Rib Steak $17.00

Porterhouse Steak $18.00

T-bone steak $17.00

Sirloin Steak $13.50

Flat Iron Steak $12.00

Flank Steak $12.00

Skirt Steak $11.00

London Broil $10.00

Cube Steak $9.50

Stew Meat $8.50

Ground Beef $6.50

Burger Patties $7.25

Sirloin Tip Roast $11.00

Rolled Roast $9.50

Top Round Roast $9.50

Chuck Roast/ Steak $9.00

Brisket $10.50

Short Ribs $8.50

Oxtail $7.00

Heart/ Tongue/ Liver $5.50

Soup Bones $5.50

Dog Bones-

         Shank $2 each

         Knuckle $5 each


Fresh Pork Belly $9.00

Loin Roast $8.00

Loin Chops $8.50

Country Ribs $8.00

Butt Roast $6.00

Pork Steak $6.50

Spare Ribs $7.50

Ground Pork $5.50

Pork Hocks (soup) $5.00

Sausage Links- $7.00

         Italian- Hot, Med, Mild

         Country Breakfast


         Fresh Polish

Sausage Ground- $7.00

          Italian- Mild

          Country Breakfast



Whole Roasters $4.25

Quarters/ Halves $4.25

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