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Hello!  We are Joey, Emily, Heidi and Laken Kwilos and we are the farmers of Kwilos Farms.


 We are passionate about providing high quality, locally raised, farm products to our community.  Our farm has been operating on 185+ acres of land (mostly rented) since 2011 proudly located in Evans, NY.  We currently raise 98 Rhode Island Red egg-laying hens, produce maple products, grow perennials and mums, grow hay, veggies and also make holiday wreaths and offer wreath making classes.  We also source local provisions, beef, pork and roasting chickens from wonderful businesses and a farm nearby.  

Our Farm began with a hereford calf gifted to Joey in 2007 and has slowly expanded from there!  2011 was the first year that Joey's 'hobby' farm became a small farming business.  He began by selling maple syrup and a few cuts of meat in his parent's farm stand.  We have since had as many as 30 head of beef cattle and 1500 maple taps.  We do plan on slowing things down a bit for 2024, however it is only temporary so we can work on our property and buildings.  

Joey and I were married in 2015, welcomed Heidi into our world in 2017 and then Laken in 2023.   In addition to our home farm, Joey works on a dairy farm and I work part-time on a goat farm.  In our free time, we enjoy shooting recurve archery, playing t-ball, walking at the nearby marina and indulging in ice cream and gelato!

Thank you for supporting small, local farms!  Be Happy, Be Kind!  -Emily


Our Angus beef is sourced from Shining Star Cattle Co. located in North Collins, NY.  The cattle are pasture raised and grain finished.  

They have access to free-choice pasture daily for grazing and exercise.  

About the Beef

About the Maple

As Winter turns to Spring each year, we begin to gather sap from maple trees and boil it down into a wonderful all natural sweetener that can be used as a cane sugar substitute in cooking and baking.  By simply boiling Maple sap we are able to craft Maple Syrup, Maple Cream, Maple Candy and Maple Sugar in small batches with no additional ingredients.  

Our Maple production currently includes 1500 taps on a closed vacuum tubing system, a 4' x 12' arch and a reverse osmosis machine.  Visitors are welcome to take a hiking tour of our tubing woods and enjoy samples during the last 2 weekends of March annually.  

We source our Yorkshire-cross pigs and Cornish-cross Broiler chickens from Gallman Farm in Brant, NY.  They are nourished with a high quality, 100% locally grown and made feed and are never given any antibiotics or growth hormones.  

Our Rhode Island Red egg-laying hens are raised cage-free in our back barn.  They have full access to the entire barn to lay, roost, bask in the sunlight and fly around.  They are fed locally grown and raised feed as well as treats of unsaleable produce, kitchen veggie scraps, weeds and spent sunflower seed heads.  Our chickens lay brown eggs and which we collect and wash daily.  

About the Pork, Chicken & Eggs

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