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Our farm is a diversified farm working 185+ acres of land in Evans, NY.  We raise Rhode Island Red egg-laying hens, produce maple products, grow perennials and mums, grow hay and veggies and also make holiday wreaths and offer wreath making classes.  Locally raised and produced products that we offer include beef, pork, roasting chickens, meat rubs, salad dressings, coffee and tea, pizza dough, sauces and more!

Maple Weekends 2024!

Thank You everyone who came out to Maple Weekends this year!  It was a huge success!  We ran 23 hiking tours and served 269 Maple Sample Tasting Flights!  We can't wait for Maple Weekends 2025!  We will be wrapped up with Maple Production (cleaning) by the end of this week and will begin potting up our perennial crop!  


The Farm Shop has Moved!

The Farm Shop has finally moved out of the Garage and into the new Blue Barn!  Our new parking lot is ready and there is a walking path from the back corner of the lot to the new barn.  We will be adding the finishing touches over the next few weeks!  Farm Shop Hours are Tuesdays 12-6, Fridays 8-3 and Saturdays 8-3.  The Cold Frame will be opening for perennial sales around Mother's Day.  We will update crop availability when we get closer!  

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Stay up to date on farm life, events, bulk meat availability, coupons, freebies and more!

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