How To: Order Bulk Beef

The 2 most frequently asked questions from customers that come into the farm shop...

Q #1. How do I order bulk beef?

Q #2. What cuts do I get and how much meat will I get back?

A #1. To order you simply give us your name and phone number and we add you to our bulk buy beef schedule. We have 3 beef processed each month at Stevens Brothers in Panama, NY so it's not a long wait. Once steers have been taken down to the butcher, I will call you to go over a cutting order and give you pickup and payment information.

A #2. Let's "order" a 1/4 beef. We use the same cutting order for all orders so I'm going to break it down.

On a quarter beef, you only have a quarter of the meat to work with so some cuts are limited. The front quarter and rear quarter will be mixed so you aren't stuck with all of the chuck or all of the round. With that being said, the first quarter cutting order must match the second quarter cutting order in the half. We figure this all out with the very complicated process of whoever calls us back first gets first choice.

Choices on a quarter beef:

Tenderloin- Choose 1 Scenario

A. Boneless cuts: Filet AND Strip Steaks

B. Bone-In Cuts: Porterhouse AND T-Bone

Rib- Choose 1 Scenario

A. Boneless: Delmonico Steaks aka Ribeye

B. Bone-In: Rib Steaks

C. Rib Roast

Sirloin- Choose 1 Scenario

A. Boneless Steaks

B. Bone-In Steaks

C. Grind

Chuck- Choose 1 Scenario

A. 2 Chuck Steaks and 1-2 Chuck Roasts

B. All Chuck Steaks

C. All Chuck Roasts

D. Flat Iron Steaks & Skirt Steaks

E. Grind

Round- Choose 1 Scenario

A. Round Steaks and Cube Steaks

B. Round Steaks and No Cube Steaks

C. London Broil and Cube Steaks

D. London Broil and No Cube Steaks

E. Top Round Roast and Cube Steaks

F. Top Round Roast and No Cube Steaks

G. Grind

Ground Beef- Choose Any Combination

A. Grind into 1lb tubes

B. 1/4# Burger Patties (*costs extra)

C. 1/3# Burger Patties (*costs extra)

Other Cuts- *This section is where you lose or gain your extra ground beef. Assume your base amount of ground beef will be 40lbs. If your household uses a lot of ground beef, consider grinding some of these. If you had a lot of ground beef left over from your last bulk order, these cuts may be a good idea to try on your next order.

A. Rolled Rump Roast or Grind

B. Sirloin Tip Roast or Grind

C. Flank Steak or Grind

D. Brisket or Grind

E. Stew Meat or Grind

F. Short Ribs or Grind

G. Soup Bones or Grind

H. Oxtail or Grind

I. Heart, Tongue, Liver or None (*won't be added to your ground beef if you don't want)

J. Dog Bones or None

*1/2 Beef buyers would use this same format, you would just get double the amount back. Whole Beef buyers have all cutting options available to them.

Now let's get to the 'How much do I get back' part.

Pictured is about 110lbs of beef from a 1/4 steer with a 656lb hanging weight.

I ordered this quarter for retail cuts for the farm shop.

Here's what I got:

42lbs Ground Beef

7 Chuck Steaks

3 Packs Short Ribs

6 Delmonico Steaks

3 Boneless Sirloin Steaks

3 Filet

6 Strip Steaks

1 Brisket (quarter)

1 Sirloin Tip Roast

1 Top Round Roast

1 Rolled Rump Roast

6 Packs Stew Meat

I also ordered 1/2 steer for retail cuts for the farm shop that was 644lbs hanging. Here's what that looked like. It was approximately 200lbs of meat.

This is what I got back from the 1/2 steer:

50lbs Burger Patties

27lbs Ground Beef

8 Chuck Steaks

2 Flat Iron Steaks

1 Skirt Steak

6 Packs Short Ribs

8 Rib Steaks

1 Prime Rib Roast

6 Boneless Sirloin Steaks

8 Filet

12 Strip Steaks

2 Brisket (quarters)

2 Sirloin Tip Roast

3 London Broil

2 Rolled Rump Roast

14 Packs Stew Meat

6 Packs Cube Steaks

6 Soup Bones

1 Flank Steak

1 Heart

3 Oxtail (pieces)

1 Tongue

Both steers this time were similar in size so this was a great comparison. Know that steer hanging weights can range from 575lbs to 825lbs. This all depends on the age and finish of the animal. Different cattle breeds finish out at different sizes as well. We try our best to give size options to buyers during the ordering process giving larger orders first selection.

Now my question for you... How big of a freezer do you have?


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